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818 km

The tour we drove through the Alps was exactly 818 km long! Pretty much for 6 days if you think we’ve had much kilometers offroad, with a maximum of 10 km/h!

Gereden Route

Gereden Route

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16-08-2014 Queige – Pontarlier 275 km

It’s time to say goodbye…

Today everybody travels home. Most of us travels home in 1 day, and some of us (including me) do it in a slowly tempo and use 3 days for the trip. We have to travel about 1.000 km and we don’t want to hurry.

We eat our breakfast together, and then the first cars start there trip back home. After we Lees verder

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15-08-2014 Saint Clement sur Durance – Queige 170 km

After a shower and a good breakfast we traveled a lot of kilometers to reach Queige again. Todays route is going over the National roads with lots of tourists, so there will be many trafic.

We also hit some big mountains again, who are also takeen by the Tour de France many times. First we hit the Col du Galibier, and after the Galibier Lees verder

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14-08-2014 Bardonecchia – Saint Clement sur Durance

Today we leave Italy again. The offroad tracks in Italy are absolutely awesome, but the campingplace where we stayed was the opposit. It was expensive, we had to walk a mile to the toilets / showers, and we had no power or wifi…

We leave early, because we had a lot of kilometers to go, including the offroad track to the Col du Parpaillon. The roads are pretty good, we start emidiatly with the Col de ‘l Echelle and we also climbs the Col d’ Izoard and the Col de Vars.

And then we go offroad again. We are climbing Lees verder

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13-08-2014 Bardonecchia – Bardonecchia +/- 60 km

Today we wake up in a heavy rainshower! After taking a hot shower we decidet to eat our breakfast at the terras of the reastaurant, which has a roof. After breakfast we wanted to drive the Monte Jafferau, and after that the Colle Sommeiler.

We left the campingplace a bit late, and we had to buy some bread for lunch. So when we finaly enterd the road to the Monte Jafferau, it’s about 10.00.
The road is much worst then we thought it was in 2011, and we drove maximum 10 km/h to reach Fort Premant where we take lunch.

After that we drove further Lees verder

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12-08-2014 Lanslebourg – Bardonecchia 170 km

Today we left France, and entered Italy. We drove the route from Lanslebourg to Susa over the Mont Cenis, and when we pass the border between France and Italy the road only goes down! The route is beautiful, and we ended in Susa, where we take the exit to the first gravelraod of the day.

When we get out of the city the road emidiatly begins to climb very steep! And there are so many tight corners to take, that we lost counting. It must be over 50 or so! Difficult to make pictures, because we Lees verder

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11-08-2014 Lanslebourg – Lanslebourg +/- 50 km

After a magnificent day yesterday, we woke up with rain again… Well, when the rain falls only at night, nobody cares! When we take a shower, the rain stops, and we can take our breakfast outside on the campingside.

After breakfast we go to the village to shop something to drink, and some of us filled up there fueltanks again. And when that’s all done we start our tour to the Col de la Met. We start climbing directly in Lees verder

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10-08-2014 Queige – Lanslebour 220 km

Today the day started early, and with some rain. We wanted to start at 9.00 beause we have a long day to come!

And WOW, what a day! At first we drove to Ugine over the same Col as we did yesterday. In Ugine we bought some bread for lunch, and some of us filled up there fueltank. After that we tke the exit to Lees verder

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09-08-2014 Queige – Queige

The tarp we build up yesterday is blown away by the wind and heavy rainshower that evening… It was only 10 minutes and after that it was dry again and the local soccerteam can practice again. We make dinner under the roof of the building which is part of the camping and part of the soccerteam,and while cooking we watched the training.

After we eat dinner we walked a bit uphill to the vew houses in Queige, and when we arrive there, the streets where closed and there was a ‘big’ party going on. They had a bar, there was food, a discofloor for the children (and later on for the adults), there was a show with fire, and after all thet showed some nice firework. It was nice, and we drink a vew beers with the locals!

Today we Lees verder

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