New fridge

My old coolbox was crap! It was an electric thing which only works on 12 volt. It was cheap, and it was useless.

A month ago, i saw a used compressor cooler for sale which had a few minor falers like a rubber sealing which was broken. I bought that thing and thought it should be easy to fix it. But i couldn’t find a sealing which would fit…
So i called the shop where they sell these coolers, and told the lady that i haven’t got the purchase receipt, but i wanted a new seal. The lady tells me that i could best take the cooler and come to the shop, so i deffinitely get the good sealing.

So, i take the cooler with me on a day at work, and halfway i stopped at the shop… to get in the truck 10 minutes later with a brand new cooler! 😀
The old cooler had still guaranty on it, but a new sealing wasn’t available, so they gave me a brandnew one with full guaranty!

Me is happy! Especially when i’m at the Alps drinking a cold beer in the evening!

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