First stage

Here we are, in the garden at Piet’s home, about 170 km from home. First part of the tour is done, and everything went well!
Only thing which is not ok, is the power of my fridge. That thing got it’s power from de cigaretlighter, and when i get the contact off the power of the cigaretlighter is also down. So i went to the local carpartsdealer and bought a 2nd cigaretlighter, wich i mounted directly on the battery. Only thing i have to care for, is the battery itself when i shut down the engine. 😉

On the road, the Alpentour has startet!

On the road, the Alpentour has started!

Paul was here this afternoon, and together with Piet we drink some coffee and talket about the route of tomorrow. We will drive about 450 km, and the first half will be highway only. After Thionville we will leave the highway and drive on the “Toute National”. We don’t have to paytoll, and the route is much nicer as the highway! We will leave home at about 8.00, so we don’t have to hurry.
Now it’s time to chill for a vew hours. Cars are packet, tanks are filled, and we are ready!

IMG_3094 IMG_3095

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