07-08-2014 Gèrardmer – Pontarlier 210 km

This morning we wake up in the rain! Everything was sokingwet so first thing first, taking a hot shower! And because it’s not getting any dryer we deside to leave as soon as possible!

At 8.00 we leave the camping, and directly begin at a beautiful climb! The Voghese area is realy beautiful, also when it’s raining (realy hard!) In the first village we were passing we filled up our fueltanks, and all 3 LJ80 are using 10 liters of fuel every 100 km! When we later passed another village we passed a bakery, where we bought some bread. After about 1 hour we climbed the Ballon d’Alsace. At the top of that coll we drink a cup of coffee in the rastaurant, and we spoke a Dutch cilclist whos has done a round through France (about 4.000 km in 35 days!). It was a nice coversation, and it was nice to here some storys from someone who clims all mountains !

When we sit there in the restaurant, the sun came through! And when we leave the restaurant, the weather was getting bette rand better! A littel rain no wand then, but thats ok! Only when we passed Maiche we get a realy big rainshower! Maiche wes in 2011 the first campingplace we visited, but i heardly recognixe anything! I thing because in 2011 my engine died slowly and i only was focused on the sound of the engine.

At about 16.00 we arive at the campingplace in Pontarlier. A nice campingplace with free Wifi! 😉 We made camp as soon as possible to dry our tents from the rain this morning! We drink a beer, and slowly it’s time to make dinner!

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