08-08-2014 Pontarlier – Queige 254 km

Yesterday evening it starts to rain, we were glad that we build the tarp so we could sit dry!

This morning it was dry again, but the tents where still wet. After a refreshing shower we eat our breakfast and we where in our cars at 8.30 to travel further to the campingplace where we will meet the other participants at the Alpentour in Queiga.

It was a long day traveling, because we took only the smaller roads, and we had to pass Geneve. We drove a big circle around Geneve, because we did not want to get in the trafficjam!

In Mijoux we drink a cup of coffee, and after the coffe we had to fill up our fueltanks again. From that moment on we did not stop anymore, because we thought we arrive too late at the campingplace. Dani textmesseged us yhis morning that see should arrived at the campingplace at about 16.00 so we want tob e there also when she arrives!

The route was beautifull again! The weather wes getting bette rand better, so i dicided to dismount my doors and bikinitop! That was a fun ride!
At the campingplace it was 32 degrees celcius! So after we build up camp we drink a beer! It was a good day!

For tomorrow the weatherforcast is bad again! It will rain, and thunder… We build up the tarp again to sit dry… We have a restday tomorow, because all other participants will arrive through the day. We will see something in the environment and take some nice pictures!

IMG_3338 IMG_3341 IMG_3357 IMG_3405 IMG_3439 IMG_3451 IMG_3457

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