09-08-2014 Queige – Queige

The tarp we build up yesterday is blown away by the wind and heavy rainshower that evening… It was only 10 minutes and after that it was dry again and the local soccerteam can practice again. We make dinner under the roof of the building which is part of the camping and part of the soccerteam,and while cooking we watched the training.

After we eat dinner we walked a bit uphill to the vew houses in Queige, and when we arrive there, the streets where closed and there was a ‘big’ party going on. They had a bar, there was food, a discofloor for the children (and later on for the adults), there was a show with fire, and after all thet showed some nice firework. It was nice, and we drink a vew beers with the locals!

Today we have a restday. We can sleep long, but we where alla wake at 6.30… It does’nt matter, because the sun is shining and we want to go to the supermarket, and after that we want to go to the Col de … to make some nice pictures. We drove this Col yesterdag (from the other side up) and the vews are beautiful!

When we where down at the other side uf the mountain we eat lunch in Ugine, which always takes a long time in France. When we go back to the campingplace we recieved a message from Mike that it would not take long before he arrives. We hurry to get back, to make coffee for hi mand his copilot (also Mike).

When we get back at the campingplace, it was not Mike who was there, but Friedel! We did not expect him so early, but it was a nice welcome! In a vew houres time everybody arrives. It was nice to see everybody again, and it was nice to meet Anita and Stefan in real life for the first time!

We eat all together and have a nice evening! We made plans for the day of tomorrow, and all participants mounted there startingsheeld on there LJ’s. We go sleep early, because tomorrow is going tob e a long day!

IMG_3601 IMG_3597 IMG_3588 IMG_3579 IMG_3573 IMG_3541 IMG_3537 IMG_3512

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