10-08-2014 Queige – Lanslebour 220 km

Today the day started early, and with some rain. We wanted to start at 9.00 beause we have a long day to come!

And WOW, what a day! At first we drove to Ugine over the same Col as we did yesterday. In Ugine we bought some bread for lunch, and some of us filled up there fueltank. After that we tke the exit to the Col de L’Arpettaz, which is a beautifull climb to about 860 meters. At the top of the Col we took the exit to the Col des Aravis which is a dirtroad for about 13 km! WOW! That was beautiful driving!

After this dirtroad we did only asphalt, but one Col after the other! We traveled in the direction of Flumet, and then to Les Saisies and Beaufort to Bourg Saint Maurice

At the end we did the Col d’Isèran, which is starting in Bourg Saint Maurice at about 840 mtr. And goes to about 2.700 mtr! At the top of this Col we take some pictures and after that we drove down on the other side to Lanslebourg where we are on a campingplace at this moment. We stay here for 2 days, because tomorrow we are going to make a tour around Mont Lac Cenis, and climb the Col de la Met, which had only dirtroads!

IMG_3602 IMG_3606 IMG_3613 IMG_3649 IMG_3728 IMG_3730 IMG_3741 IMG_3788 IMG_3915 IMG_3982 IMG_4046 IMG_4143 IMG_4217 IMG_4307 IMG_4322 IMG_4346 IMG_4402

For all the pictures of this day, click here!

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