11-08-2014 Lanslebourg – Lanslebourg +/- 50 km

After a magnificent day yesterday, we woke up with rain again… Well, when the rain falls only at night, nobody cares! When we take a shower, the rain stops, and we can take our breakfast outside on the campingside.

After breakfast we go to the village to shop something to drink, and some of us filled up there fueltanks again. And when that’s all done we start our tour to the Col de la Met. We start climbing directly in the village, and after about 7 kilometer we take the exit to the dirtraod which will lead us to the Col. It’s a breathtaking road, which we drive in low gear and first gear. It’s steep, it’s full of stones, there are many places where water can cross the road, and oh,did i tell you it’s steep?

When we reached the top, we take a break toe at something and make some coffee. It’s a beautiful place and we have a view over Lac Mont Cenis. The water is clear blue/green/turquase.

On the road to the top, and at the restplace itself, we make many pictures! My codriver Dani likes my camera very much, so one after the other picture is made! And thats good, so i can keep my mind by driving the very steep roads!

After the break we go down by a little detour, and then over the same road which leads us to the top. We stopped several times to take pictures, and when we reached the asphaltroad again, we decided to go to the Lac Mont Cenis to make a tour around the Lac. It takes us about 2 hours to drive around the lake, and after that we drove back to the campingplacet o make dinner and drink a beer. We make a toast on this wonderful day.

Tomorrow we go to Italy, lets see what that day will bring us!

IMG_4720 IMG_4722 IMG_4736 IMG_4779 IMG_4836 IMG_4866 IMG_4962 IMG_5031

For all the pictures of this day, click here!

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