12-08-2014 Lanslebourg – Bardonecchia 170 km

Today we left France, and entered Italy. We drove the route from Lanslebourg to Susa over the Mont Cenis, and when we pass the border between France and Italy the road only goes down! The route is beautiful, and we ended in Susa, where we take the exit to the first gravelraod of the day.

When we get out of the city the road emidiatly begins to climb very steep! And there are so many tight corners to take, that we lost counting. It must be over 50 or so! Difficult to make pictures, because we are driving through the forrest. The road is long and beautiful, but at the end we hit the Colle del Finestre (2160 mtr.)!

When we goes further, we go down again. Not to much, because the next road is waiting for us. Soon the asphalt stops and we are driving over gravel. The road is bad! Big stones, potholes, we have seen it all. We can not drive any faster then 10 km/h! It’s like the track is endless! We keep climbing and after every corner is a new vew, a new pothole, and a new corner.

When we finaly reach the top of the Colle dell’ Assietta, we are at 2472 mtr. Above sealevel. It’s about 17.00 and we still have to go down, and then drive fora bout 40 km to the new campingplace in Bardonecchia. We arrive late, but thats no problem. We have a nice place, buto no electricity and no WIFI…

Because its late, we decide to get a pizza (hé, we’re in Italy!) in the local restaurant across the street. We sit there several hours, eat a great pizza, drink beer and whine, get a dessert, and we only have to pay €11,- per person!

When we get back to our tents we are all tired , so we all go dreaming about a magificant day we have had!

IMG_5154 IMG_5207 IMG_5211 IMG_5303 IMG_5399 IMG_5428 IMG_5557 IMG_5643 IMG_5725 IMG_5814 IMG_5876 IMG_5896

For all pictures of this dat, click here!

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