15-08-2014 Saint Clement sur Durance – Queige 170 km

After a shower and a good breakfast we traveled a lot of kilometers to reach Queige again. Todays route is going over the National roads with lots of tourists, so there will be many trafic.

We also hit some big mountains again, who are also takeen by the Tour de France many times. First we hit the Col du Galibier, and after the Galibier we hit the Col du Telégraphe.

After tese cols the roas is pretty boring… Long straight National roads with lots of trafic. But we made many kilometers and we arive early on the campingplace where the tour begins earlyer this week. We do some shopping and eat together. And after that we had a cosy last night together. Tomorrow everybody travels home…

Most of us travels home in one day, but Piet and i deside (just like the road to the start of the tour) to travel in 2 or 3 days. Tomorrow we have to say goodbey to a group of friends which we made an adventure we never will forget!

IMG_7108 IMG_7122 IMG_7157 IMG_7175 IMG_7178 IMG_7201

To see all the pictures of this day, click here!

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