16-08-2014 Queige – Pontarlier 275 km

It’s time to say goodbye…

Today everybody travels home. Most of us travels home in 1 day, and some of us (including me) do it in a slowly tempo and use 3 days for the trip. We have to travel about 1.000 km and we don’t want to hurry.

We eat our breakfast together, and then the first cars start there trip back home. After we say goodbey ofcourse! One after the other starts packing, and then it’s also time for us to go.

So it’s time to say goodbye to our friends. We had a wonderful week, and we made a great adventure! All of our 8 LJ’s made the trip without any major falure, and that is also great! Now we can start making plans for next years adventure to Corsica!

Piet and i deside to tavel through the Voghese and we will see how far we come. At the end of the day we traveled about 275 km over local streets and we are at the same campingplace as we visited a week ago. Time toe at, drink a beer, and trying to update the blog which we did not because there was no wifi at the campingsites we visited before…

Tomorrow we will try to reach Luxembourg.

IMG_7214 IMG_7218 IMG_7223

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Een gedachte over “16-08-2014 Queige – Pontarlier 275 km

  1. christelmulkens

    Hallo Piet en vrienden van de Alpentoer.
    Ik denk, dat de reis die jullie hebben gemaakt een geweldige uitdaging was.
    Dank voor die prachtige foto’s en die leuke verslagen.

    Wim en Christel

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