14-08-2014 Bardonecchia – Saint Clement sur Durance

Today we leave Italy again. The offroad tracks in Italy are absolutely awesome, but the campingplace where we stayed was the opposit. It was expensive, we had to walk a mile to the toilets / showers, and we had no power or wifi…

We leave early, because we had a lot of kilometers to go, including the offroad track to the Col du Parpaillon. The roads are pretty good, we start emidiatly with the Col de ‘l Echelle and we also climbs the Col d’ Izoard and the Col de Vars.

And then we go offroad again. We are climbing and climbing way above the trees. The only thing we see is a bit of grass and a lot of stones. The road is bad. I never seen so many big and loose stones on the track! But it all goes great, and when we finaly turn around the last corner we see the Parpaillon tunnel! Wow, we are high in the air on a offroad track, and there is a 500 mtr long tunnel!

We take a lot of pictures (after waiting on some ass%@$# who did’nt want to leave), and i even parked my LJ80 including the trailer on top of the tunnel!

The track downhill on the other side of the tunnel is in a even worster shape! And it’s long! We have do shake down for several hours in our LJ80’s and when we finaly hit the asphalt again we stood still with out fuel… Luckely Piet brought some spare with him and after we filled up the tank we find the campingplace for the night.

It was an impressive day again! We were in bed early and dreamed aboud a well spend day!

IMG_6661 IMG_6765 IMG_6821 IMG_6878 IMG_6919 IMG_6951 IMG_7011 IMG_7022 IMG_7033 IMG_7050 IMG_7100

To see all the pictures of this day, click here!

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