13-08-2014 Bardonecchia – Bardonecchia +/- 60 km

Today we wake up in a heavy rainshower! After taking a hot shower we decidet to eat our breakfast at the terras of the reastaurant, which has a roof. After breakfast we wanted to drive the Monte Jafferau, and after that the Colle Sommeiler.

We left the campingplace a bit late, and we had to buy some bread for lunch. So when we finaly enterd the road to the Monte Jafferau, it’s about 10.00.
The road is much worst then we thought it was in 2011, and we drove maximum 10 km/h to reach Fort Premant where we take lunch.

After that we drove further to the tunnel. When we are at the start of the tunnel, we decidet that only 1 car will drive throug the tunnel, because we don’t know if the tunnel is free of water and/or big stones. After about 10 minutes we saw Friedel at the other side of the tunnel (about 700 mtr long with a big corner in it), and we are all driving through it. It’s dark, it’s wet, and it’s beautiful!

After the tunnel we take our roofs of, and take the road further to the top. We stopped several times to take pictures and films. The last peace of the track we are driving over the top of the mountain, and at the other side we see Fort Jafferau. When we finaly get there on the parkingspot, the attitude says we are on 2.787 mtr above sealevel. We take the path to the top of the fort, and then the attitude says we are on 2.810 mtr!

We have so much nive vews here, and we take many pictures, but we have to go down because there is another mountain waiting for us! We want to see the Colle Sommeiler!
The road down goes straight over the skipistes! First gear in low range, and we still have to hit the brakes not going to fast! It’s a breathtaking route, which is only allowed for 4×4’s! Even offroad motorbikes are not allowed.

When we arrived in Bardonecchia we decided it’s to late to go to the Colle Sommeiler. It’s 17.00 allready and we think the road to the Sommeiler will take saveral hours (and back also). We think it’s to dangerous to drive in the dark (and i twill be!).
After we get some shopping we go back to the campingplace, and for dinner we go the the same restaurant as the night before to eat some pasta!
Tomorrow we are going back to France again, and drive the Parpaillon route! That will be a long day again!

IMG_5969 IMG_5984 IMG_6006 IMG_6019 IMG_6056 IMG_6083 IMG_6111 IMG_6155 IMG_6191 IMG_6313 IMG_6469 IMG_6477 IMG_6538 IMG_6651

For all pictures of this day, click here!

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