Almost time to leave

Finaly the holidays are there! Now we can start with the last preparations for the upcoming Alpstour. Pick up all things which we need, wash and clean the LJ80 and trailer for the last time, etc.

Last month Benno made us some nice stickers, and Dieter made some nice aluminium plates to stick the stickers on. Now we have a nice rallyshield for all participants!


Tuesday i will leave home, and go to Piet and Dagmar to stay there for the night. Wednesday we (Piet, Paul and i) will start the tour and drive to Gerardmer in  France. Most of the trip we will drive over local roads and avoid the highway. Thursday and friday we don’t have to go much kilometers, but we start driving trough the mountains. Friday in the afternoon we will arrive at the campingplace in Queige, France, where we will meet all other participants for the tour on saturday. This saturday will be a restday for us, because most participants will arrive in the afternoon, and the actual tour will starts on sunday.

I will try to get a new blog online every day from the day i leave home (depends if there is WIFI on the camping), and upload some photos.  So keep an eye on this blog! 😉

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2 gedachten over “Almost time to leave

  1. Wim en Christel Mulkens

    Wij wensen jullie een hele fijne tijd samen.
    Wim en Christel

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