Ehm… almost! :O
At the last moment
had to work on the LJ80. I found out that one shock absorber was broken, and while loosening the lower bolt, the entire bracket broke off!
Fortunately, I have one in stock, but when I try to remove the U-bolts, I did not get losse the nuts. I was Afraid that the U-bolts would also break,so i went looking for spare parts. Unfortunately I did not have them
Thanks to Hugo, I could quickly pick up a pair of U-bolts, and last night i changed everything! A bit last minute, but glad averything is fixed!

Now almost everything is packed. In about 2 hours i leave to the (sunny?) south! Let the Alps Tour begin!

Broken shockabsorber

Broken shockabsorber

Broken U-bolts and bracket

Broken U-bolts and bracket

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