06-08-2014 Einighausen – Gérardmer 470 km

We left home after a good breakfast! After about 1 hour we are driving through Luik (Liège) and when we past that city we drove to a parkingspot on the highway for a little brake and see how everything goos. The brake is short, because everything went well, and we diside to drive further.

The first stop we make is in Luxembourg. We wanted to fill up the fueltanks (much cheaper fuel!) and Paul wants to buy cigarettes (also much cheaper). We decided to drive further again, and make a bigger pause when we leave the hoghway in France. Thats only about 50 km from the tankstop, and when we find a good spot it’s time to make coffe and eatsome sandwiches. We are sitting in the sun, and we finaly have that “holliday-feeling”!

After about 30 minutes we are driving again. We want to enter Gérardmer today, and that’s about 200 to go, over local roads through the Voghesen area, and that costs time! But that does’nt matter, because the road is beautiful and with nice views and a fenomenal landscape!

At 17.15 h. we arive at the campingplace in Gérardmer. Be build up camp (about 5 minutes work) and walked to the restaurant where we drink some beer and eat a steak. From the moment we arive it’s raining softly. That’s sadly, but after all we had a beautifull day!

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